You, My Father…

You are a cup of coffee in a cold Sunday morning
In a trembling heart, warmth and comfort you bring
You are the cerulean sky after the heaven cried
New hope for tomorrow assured, with You by my side…You are my best friend, I can rely on forever
A half of slipper, can’t walk unless in pair
You’re my adviser when heart is confused and weary
Hug me tight to take away anxiety…

You are my Father that provides for me
A tough wall I can lean for eternity
You are the source of my strength everyday
That makes me survive in every way…

You are my knight in shining armor
In my life’s voyage, you are my anchor
You are the clouds swathing the firmament
That catches me during falling moments…

You are my Savior that saves me from death
My Redeemer that sustains breath
In my heart you lead, you reign
God Almighty, you take away the pain…

Presently I’ll walk, not alone anymore
Cause there’s already two sets of footprints in the seashore
My God will accompany me up to the finished line
His love is unending; no one can ever define…