Praying & Fasting Day 4

Annually, my beloved church, Victory Christian Fellowship (I attend in Malate :)) holds Praying and Fasting to start the year with fresh revelation from God, as well as calibrating our hearts to be align with HIS :). This is my fourth year of joining them since it was really a great experience as a christian. This year, we have a five-day P&F, unlike the usual seven days, since three days of P&F will be done mid-year.

To give you a little background on fasting,

-Jesus fasted (Matthew 4:1-2, Luke 4:14)

-it is an act of humility and consecration (Psalm 35:3)

-it helps us become sensitive to the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:2)

-it brings revival (Daniel 9:2-3)

(Thanks to our P&F2013 Manual for this info)


This year I commit to strict modified Daniel Fast, which includes raw vegetables and fruits only (no sweeteners), because thats what God told me 🙂

I dont know whats with my health during P&F that the last two consecutive years I always got sick 😦 so sad that I end up not ending it up (if that makes sense). I mean not able to finish it.

And this year?…. On my second day of P&F, I catch colds.. 😦 Yeah! that’s sad.

So I have to stay close with my buddies and just face the frequent sniffing and sneezing 😦


My Colds Buddies

Thank God for Vicks and Salinase (Nasal Spray) for temporary relief!

In fourth day devotional in the manual, it talks about Freedom in Prisons, it lets us pray for something that jails us, I prayed for healing since it was something that somehow “paralyzed” me.

A while ago, I was asking advise from a friend if I should start eating meals for me to take medications, I really cant stand the headache 😦 Then, I prayed to God, for healing. I realize I have to finish it this time, I wanted to replicate Paul and Silas’ act of faith, of how they believe in God for deliverance. I know my God will deliver me, heal me,  I know my God will give me strength to carry on. I know i can make it to DAY 5 🙂

Enjoy! Godbless

-Charm 🙂


10 thoughts on “Praying & Fasting Day 4

  1. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for following. I love you blog and will surely follow back.
    It’s great to hear that you are fasting too. Our church members are all doing a 21-day Daniel fast. Just stick it out for a few days. After a couple of days the headaches subside, just make sure you drink plenty of water. Fast is not only spiritual, it causes a physical cleansing of the digestive system which is not necessarily pleasant. The detox that come as a result cause the headaches. Embrace is knowing that your body is cleansing itself while you are cleansing your spirit.
    Keep up your blogging, it’s lovely.
    God bless…

  2. What a wonderful idea your church has! What could be more powerful than His people coming together to determine His will for their body of Christ. Praying and fasting can be challenging, but luckily we aren’t doing it alone, we have the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. May you and your church be blessed by faithfully seeking the Lord!

  3. We sometimes get sick while we fast because of all the toxins leaving our body. But in no way should you accept it! Come against all disease in Jesus name. Well done and be blessed 🙂

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