From Cell Phone to Obedience


Early December, I planned to buy a new mobile phone since my I already sell my former Samsung phone. I have been researching and eyeing that Sony phone for months, I even memorize its specs due to frequent researching.

During that day, the day I finally decided to own one, I already set an appointment to the online seller (btw, its a legit one). To my dismay, they change the meet up point to somewhere far from the vicinity. 😦 It was a Sunday, I was at the church and the timely preaching of series “Unlimited” where it talks about God’s unlimited provision in our lives. Well, with all humility, when it comes to finances, I thought I am totally surrendered to God. Yes, I just thought….

That afternoon, despite the constant disturbances of the incoming text message from the seller, God’s whisper was so loud and clear (yah! its ironic) that I can’t just ignore it. I was disturbed.

He commanded me to trust Him and put everything in His hand and He will took care of me. In a more specific way, He told me to give up the phone and instructed me clearly where to give the money instead.  I cried. I know I’m gonna obey, its just that it’s hard to let go of something that was like a “dream” for me.

I understand God. I know this is also for my good. I obeyed. I do the exact thing that thing that He told me.

I am happy. 🙂


That happiness is something I cannot contain. Happiness that material things cannot give. It is a joy of obedience. Knowing that I pleased my God, that is the most wonderful feeling EVER! 🙂

God is not restricting us in owning something material but He is teaching us that we should invest more in treasures in heaven that earthly desires.

Now, by God’s wisdom, I bought a brand new cell phone with higher specs (take note: with lower price too!)  than that of I previously wanted. Indeed, He reserved it for me. 🙂

He saved me from good and give me the BEST! Don’t settle for good, God wants you to have the BEST! 🙂

Thank you God! There is indeed a reward for patiently waiting.. 🙂


Enjoy! God bless