I’ll be a bride in God’s perfect time :)


Let us rejoice and be glad
and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.

– Revelation 19:7

No, Im not getting married, I dont even have a boyfriend atm, but hopeful that I’ll wear my own bridal gown in God’s perfect time.. ❤

Enjoy! Godbless

-Charm 🙂


God’s Message to All the Girls

Seven years ago, I received a forwarded text message from a friend, I was really touched that it struck me within and found myself memorizing it…I told myself that I’m gonna live with it…

Now, after the ups and downs that I’ve been through, I encountered this message again. I went back years ago and examine myself if I have done what I promise 7yrs ago… Unfortunately,I failed..

I’m 23 yet my life’s experiences are far beyond the usual 23-year-old girl. I’ve been into different relationships and taken love superficially. Though I may say every relationship is a learning experience to me, it will still leave me hurting…

To have a right relationship with someone, one must have a right relationship with God first. It was like a building on a firm foundation… The stronger the foundation is, the better building you’ll have…

So girls, Set your standards high. Place boundaries and don’t let anybody cross over it. We are princesses in the Kingdom of God and no one has the right to make us cry! 🙂

Here is God’s message to us.. I know you have read this several times but let it not be limited to our eyes. Keep it inside your heart and live with it… 🙂


No man can ever claim you 

unless he claims you from Me.

I reserve a man for you.

Who has My heart and loves Me

even MORE THAN he will love you.

I won’t give you unless he ask you from Me.

Soon, you will know him


Your My PRINCESS, My daughter

Let no prince claim you

Unless he asks you from My hand

For I am your FATHER, the KING of KINGS

YOU, My Princess



-Your Father,


Enjoy! God bless!

-Charm 🙂


From Cell Phone to Obedience


Early December, I planned to buy a new mobile phone since my I already sell my former Samsung phone. I have been researching and eyeing that Sony phone for months, I even memorize its specs due to frequent researching.

During that day, the day I finally decided to own one, I already set an appointment to the online seller (btw, its a legit one). To my dismay, they change the meet up point to somewhere far from the vicinity. 😦 It was a Sunday, I was at the church and the timely preaching of series “Unlimited” where it talks about God’s unlimited provision in our lives. Well, with all humility, when it comes to finances, I thought I am totally surrendered to God. Yes, I just thought….

That afternoon, despite the constant disturbances of the incoming text message from the seller, God’s whisper was so loud and clear (yah! its ironic) that I can’t just ignore it. I was disturbed.

He commanded me to trust Him and put everything in His hand and He will took care of me. In a more specific way, He told me to give up the phone and instructed me clearly where to give the money instead.  I cried. I know I’m gonna obey, its just that it’s hard to let go of something that was like a “dream” for me.

I understand God. I know this is also for my good. I obeyed. I do the exact thing that thing that He told me.

I am happy. 🙂


That happiness is something I cannot contain. Happiness that material things cannot give. It is a joy of obedience. Knowing that I pleased my God, that is the most wonderful feeling EVER! 🙂

God is not restricting us in owning something material but He is teaching us that we should invest more in treasures in heaven that earthly desires.

Now, by God’s wisdom, I bought a brand new cell phone with higher specs (take note: with lower price too!)  than that of I previously wanted. Indeed, He reserved it for me. 🙂

He saved me from good and give me the BEST! Don’t settle for good, God wants you to have the BEST! 🙂

Thank you God! There is indeed a reward for patiently waiting.. 🙂


Enjoy! God bless